OMGMiner X6 Pro [Hosted]

OMGMiner X6 Pro [Hosted]

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Expected delivery and setup date: 3-5 business days

Symbol Coin
TRB Tellor
13 GH/s
KDA Kadena 100 GH/s
DGB-ODO Digibyte 6.6 GH/s
HNS Handshake 6.6 GH/s
PMEER Pitmeer 46 GH/s
CKB Nervos 39 GH/s

Power Consumption: 1000w - 1300w

Hosting Fee: $0.05/kwh, $1.56 per miner per day

- No dev fees*. No hidden fees. No black box operations. You get 100% of what you pay for!
- Free high performance proprietary bitstreams.
- Free new bitstream upgrades.
Cloud based Management: view hash rates and miner status, configure coins and mining pools, create miner groups and manage miners by group, reboot miners remotely.
- Secure and transparent hosting: All miners hosted at farms managed by Wayi (Mining Service since 2015), with 24x7 professional onsite maintenance team.


1. Daily hosting fee charged daily from user balance.
2. If an user's hosting fee is over-drafted by $20 or more, OMGMiner has the right to shutdown the miner.

After-Sales Services

1. 365-day warranty starting from the date of purchase.
2. Miners can be shipped out per request after one year.

Shipped miners available for orders of 50 units or more. For more information, reach us at

* Devfee is waived as a promotion for at least 6 months since Aug 2020. We may charge ~5% devfee after to cover the cost of continuous development to adopt new profitable coins. See FAQs for details.